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Hello all, 
Thank you for clicking to read more information on whats happening with the Tower Tickets that were previously purchased. 

As Many of you know, The Tower was postponed due to covid-19 until the year after. We were pleased to be able to get availability for the following year and The Tower rolled everyones tickets over to the following year for us. 

Unfortionatelt Covid-19 was still not giving up and at this stage we had to beg the Tower to roll us over again. 

This being said, Blackpool Tower have not need to refund us any monies paid as they have NOT cancelled our event. We have not cancelled either, (or we would have lost the tickets). 

So we now have a large amount of people, mainly groups who can not now attend the date this year and are wishing for a refund. 

Unfortunately all tickets were purchased (like a concert) which now means the only way is to sell on the tickets and get the money back that way. 
If we can sell more tickets we will be happy to help sell them with you. 

We are adding another Tower Event next year 2023. So if you would like to see the dates for that one then let me know and we can discuss it. 

Thank you so much your understanding at this time. 

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