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For Refunds and Transfers, Please ensure you fill in the form by clicking the button below. Before requesting a refund please make sure you read through the information below thoroughly before clicking here.

Firstly we understand that circumstances change including Dates, Venues, Artists and Choreographers. 
This can be for reasons out of our control, Including Industrial damage, Fires, Hotel Closures, Worlds disasters, Acts of Nature, pandemics etc.

For Legends In Line and many other Event organizers, We have been been strongly affected by the damage of Covid-19 over the last 18 months. ALL events were postponed from 2020, Then again 2021 and now ready to re launch in 2022. 
The work the team are putting in to get these events up and running to avoid cancelling is amazing. 

After the government released the relaxation rules we decided to go ahead and prepare for a new Fresh & New start for Legends in line. It took slightly longer than expected, this was due to a number of reasons. 
Many hotels were shut, which meant we had no contact with them for months, not knowing if they were even reopening. When they re opened we then discovered the events manager who was dealing with our booking had actually in fact left their role and had to wait until we had our new event manager given to us. 
As the Terms and conditions state on our old previous bookings and new bookings, We can not refund all monies for situations taken out of our control. We have ensured that the events that have been postponed have continued into 2022 with extra events to choose from to give our dancers more choice. (Legends Tower Weekend, Scotland and El Rancho Vacations) All of these events for this year in Spain and every event organised were given to everyone as a transfer. Please click the button below, and view our Terms & Conditions. 

Like many organizers, We are experiencing after many discussions with hotels to retrieve Deposits already paid, The hotels are holding on to Monies. As explained in the Terms & Conditions we are unable to refund Deposits and also Interim payments at this time.  We would like to arrange refunding as requested for our weekend event "Time Travellers/Prestatyn" . This however will take time as we are currently waiting for the hotels to refund everyone's deposits and payments. We understand that this can be very frustrating for everyone, but again this is completely out of our control and are currently not in possession of the monies paid. We do not want to be in a position to refuse refunds which is why We are adding extra events next year to help towards making these refunds happen. But again, this will take time.



For tickets Purchased for the Blackpool Tower evening Event. These tickets have been purchased in full and are now paid to the Blackpool Tower. The Tower will not refund any payments as they have not cancelled our event and neither have we. As the event is still going ahead we can only offer transfers. With this being said, we understand that many will also be frustrated with this news. If you would like to sell on your tickets to any other dancer that would like to join us then feel free but please send us full names and contact details of the dancers purchasing your tickets. Once the admin team have settled down with the emails and transfers, We can then help start to sell your tickets and help get your money for them. If you would like to request our help to sell your tickets please let us know. 

Please respect the Legends in line staff, While they work and battle with hotels, venues etc to try and get your payments back.

Please note - Any upset or Negative messages, emails or social media comments towards our Admin team, Legends or any of our organizers will not be tolerated, Which then means requests will be cancelled and will be referred back the Terms and Conditions. 

(See above)

Lastly, We have had so much love and support from so many of you that have previously booked, Your kind messages, support and love is worth more to Legends In Line Than anything. 
We cant wait to get back to a little normality and start getting together on the dance floor again soon. 
Please be patient with your requests and messages. We look forward to seeing you all again soon. 

If you have read here and wish to Transfer your booking instead to another event, Click the button below to see what is on offer. Please remember, if you need any help or advice for your bookings or any of our events, Just send up a message via the Website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 






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