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Founders of Line Dance



This page will hopefully give all the readers a vision of how Line dance and previously Country dance became a massive part of the UK pastime for the last 40 years.

We are slowly putting together an archive of stories from the people who were there or who know lots of different path ways of how it all came together.

Thanks to Dick & Geneva 


Country Music & Line dance throughout the whole of Europe owes a massive debt of gratitude to Dick & Geneva For their Promotion and Dedication of Our Past Time, Life Style and Friends. Dick & Geneva are amongst a small number of people to promote Country music and Dance in the UK, In the near Future we hope to add to our history of Line and Country with Others from the very early days.Over the next few years Legends in Line hope to give you a complete history of this Life changing activity told by the people who lived it. The Founders are our pioneers, with hard work and perseverance they have passed their knowledge on to many instructors & Clubs and has acted liked an amazing Pyramid Scheme down through the years.

The over 21's Club is to Give Tribute and a massive thank you to Instructors and Clubs who work tirelessly week in and week out to give the dancers and listeners the best of our hobby.

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john s 2.jpg

John Sandham


Legends in line asked John Sandham if he could give us his story on how country music and dance has been alive and prospering for the last 30 to 40 years 

He very kindly agreed and its an amazing vision into the beginings of Line and Country Dance one of the biggest past times in the world

 If you have any stories maybe you can give dancers of the future a flavour of the past


Thank you John 


Mad Lizzie Clarke 

Scotlands very own Lizzie Clarke,  Auntie Liz, The Queen Of Line dance, One of the Founders of Modern day line dance, with her roots firmly in the past. who has encouraged and developed not only the Scottish dancers & Instructors but the whole of the UK and the rest of the world. Inductee of the Line dance hall of Fame,         

Co Director of UCWDC Scottish Gathering.


Karen & Peter Walmsley


Peter & Karen Walmsley 2 more Founders and Promotors of Country Music & Line dance. Their Club  "THE WOODEN NICOL" based in Euxton in Chorley. Wigan. Karen & Peter Travelled the U.K. passing on the joy of dance to the next generation of  country & Line dance Fans. 

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